About Brainobrain

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about!"

Angela Schwindt

Brainobrain was established in India in 2003 by three brothers who had the firm belief that everyone can find within themselves what it takes to be the best. In particular they believed that today’s children have it in them to become tomorrow’s leaders, so they set about finding a way in which they could ensure that all children could become the best that they possibly could.

And so Brainobrain was born.

Brainobrain calls upon the Indian heritage of thinking power, the ancient Japanese Abacus and the latest human science of neurolinguistic programming, merging eastern and western philosophies to deliver one of the most advanced skills development programmes for children in the world.

History of Brainobrain

Having its Corporate Office in Chennai, India. Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited is ISO 9001 : 2000 certified. Brainobrain operates globally, having centres in India, UK, USA, Australia, Kuwait, New Zealand, Mauritius, Bahrain, Poland, UAE, Macedonia, Sweden, Kenya, Thailand, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar & Zambia. With more than 625 successful franchise centres located throughout these countries, BrainoBrain has transformed the lives of more than 75,000 children all over the world with its high-quality programmes.

Brainobrain UK

Brainobrain was first established in the UK in 2007 and is set to become an industry leader in supplementary education.

The UK team draw on experience from many different industries including teaching, pharmaceutical, marketing and other children focussed businesses. They are dynamic, focussed, entrepreneurs who first and foremost love working with children.

How we Work

Brainobrain is very much a family, albeit a rather large one, with everyone working together to ensure that today’s children have the skills essential to be the best in their chosen field.